SafeIP for Windows 10


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SafeIP is a free utility to hide your IP address and protect your identity on the Internet. With it, you will get, free IP address for convenient and secure browsing. SafeIP can remain anonymous and protect all user data. SafeIP protects your online identity by turning off the IP address and replace it with a virtual network number, which will ensure strict protection of the user's identity while browsing the web, and for, as well as when using e-mail and online games. It encrypts all traffic on the Internet and allows you to select the location of the IP from the USA, Great Britain, Germany, France and the Polish. In addition, block ads, malware and other malicious software. Protects tracking cookies, Referer header and provides additional security when using WiFi. It also has a tool for optimizing the Internet, through which we can accelerate the transmission of streaming content and files from P2P.